Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe I’m already wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! How did that happen?

We have been chugging right along. We have a few wonderful new Broadway Hearts members and we’ve had some pretty wonderful visits that we won’t soon forget. Some of the children that we have spent time with, singing with and to, have left an undeniable imprint.

We have had some friends surprise us with online fundraisers! I’m just completely blown away by the pure generosity of people. The inherent good. And we are so unbelievable grateful.

We have the distinct honor of joining our wonderful friends at the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, next week, for their annual fundraising gala! We have such a collaborative, lovely friendship with the PCF, and admire them and the incredible work they do, so much, and we can’t wait to help them create a really special evening. As a special auction item, a guest will come up onstage and sing Seasons of Love with us! SO fun!

I hope everyone has a safe and FUN Halloween! And enjoy all that this beautiful Autumn has to offer.


What an incredible summer we’ve had! So many exciting things to share!

Our own Elizabeth Welch and Jeremy Stolle both had wonderful concerts benefiting Broadway Hearts. It was an incredible opportunity for us to raise both awareness and scholarship funds. Such gratitude to both for including us in their special evenings.

We are now broadening our reach into other cities, having met some incredible people to represent Broadway Hearts and all that we stand for and want to accomplish. The prospect of being a nationwide nonprofit is exhilarating!

We have had some of the most memorable visits to date this summer (I know I say that all the time!), the children and families that we have gotten to know have forever left an imprint in our hearts. We feel very fortunate to get to spend time and share music with these amazing kids.

We are hard at work on our scholarship program and will share the details with you all, the moment we’re able. It’s beyond exciting.

We wish everyone a very happy last few days of August. Soak it up!


Happy July!

We have so many exciting things to share with you all … our visits are going strong and we’ve gained contacts and support in other states as well, so it looks like an expansion of Broadway Hearts could happen quite soon!

We have two wonderful benefit cabarets coming up in August, that we hope you will join us in attending.

First up, our own, beautiful Elizabeth Welch, has created a fantastic show called, ‘Mother Knows Best’, which she’ll debut at The Green Room 42, on August 11th at 9:30pm. Click the photo to buy tickets!

And on August 18th, our incredible Jeremy Stolle, is so generously donating the proceeds of his show at Feinstein’s/54 Below, to Broadway Hearts! We’re so grateful, plus it’s going to be a wonderfully fun night of music. Starting at 9:30pm. Click the photo to buy tickets!

We are SO excited about both of these events, hope to see you there!


This month! This month has been our busiest (and happiest) yet!

We visited our beloved KidZone TV at Kravis Children’s Hospital. This was the very first hospital we connected with, so it’s very special to us. We had a little glitch with the tech and had to improvise this visit, which kept us on our toes and was an absolute blast!

We had an epic dance party at The Ronald McDonald House! The kids there are so joyous, present and ready for a good experience. It’s so inspiring. And it’s such a pleasure to meet their families as well. We had one little girl with beautiful bright red hair, who couldn’t have been more than 3, who didn’t stop dancing once. That place is pure magic, we feel so lucky to be invited to spend time there.

We shared a wonderful, interactive Broadway workshop with about 80 second through fourth graders at The East Harlem Scholars Academy II. Their incredible teacher, Joseph Lee, was a Child Life Specialist at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, before he moved on to teaching. The work he’s doing with these kids is absolutely amazing. He is a true hero.

We launched our curated performing arts workshops at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital. Our first workshop was led by the effervescent Suzy Perelman, who often plays violin in our orchestra at The Phantom of the Opera. She gathered a wonderful quartet of incomparable musicians, who played Broadway and classical music and taught the kids all about how an orchestra works. It was a beautiful afternoon, with glorious music echoing through Hassenfeld’s halls, and hopefully into the rooms of the kid’s who weren’t able to join in the fun.

Our group is incredibly strong and dedicated and still growing all the time, which we are beyond grateful for. And the month isn’t over yet! We have another workshop at Hassenfeld coming up next week, and more Broadway Hearts visits as well. This month! Love.

The Ronald McDonald House!

We had the honor of visiting The Ronald McDonald House yesterday, sharing music with the beautiful kids and their families. It was an extraordinary afternoon.

It’s difficult not to get emotional knowing what these incredibly brave kids are fighting through, but to see their faces light up when they are singing (and dancing!) along to a song they’ve requested, is truly a gift and made for an afternoon of fun and smiles. We had so much participation! That’s what we love the most and what we hope for with each visit. We had a wonderful Facetime connection with a beautiful girl who was in isolation and a gal with a beautiful voice and a clear passion for music, who sang along with every song! And sweet Caleb! Caleb has been battling Stage 4 Neuroblasatoma for 2 years now, and he’s a shimmery bright light that is just as ready for life as can be, and he sat right up on the couch and played the ukulele with us! We loved sharing music and our afternoon with Caleb, his family and all the exceptional families and wonderful staff at the house.

We feel so fortunate and we simply can’t wait until our next visit in March!

To help Caleb with his fight, please visit - https://www.gofundme.com/help-caleb-kick-cancer

Happy Valentine's Day!

There are many really wonderful things happening so far this year, and it’s already going too fast! We have gained some incredible new Broadway Hearts members, we’ve made some wonderful friends at The Pediatric Cancer Foundation and we’ve expanded our reach in the city, as well.

We had a visit yesterday at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, that was wonderful beyond measure. We were up in the in-patient playroom, our favorite space, as the kids can come and go from their various treatments and the one’s that aren’t able to leave their rooms, can at least hear the music carrying through the hallways. We had one little girl, a true delight of spirit, who was able to stay for our whole visit and she laughed the most glorious laugh, for the entire hour. She’s not one we will soon forget! We also had a sweet, sweet little boy who was on his way to surgery, he stopped in for a couple of songs before being taken into the OR. Knowing that we were able to send him into surgery with happy endorphins flowing and a song on his lips, is truly the most inspiring of feelings. We are so fortunate to be allowed to be a part of these incredible kid’s lives.

We get to visit The Ronald McDonald House on Saturday! This is a true privilege. We can’t wait to meet and share music with these amazing kids and their families.

Enjoy the snow, if you’re in NYC, and a very Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Hello 2019!

We’ve started this new year at top speed!

We’ve had a couple of wonderful visits, both at Mt. Sinai and NYU Langone Children’s Hospitals already, each completely unique and special. The kids are always remarkable, and their strength and capacity to live in the moment, is truly an inspiration. We have also begun pouring our energy and resources into some super exciting new projects that will unfold in the coming months. We are so fortunate! Happy 2019 everyone!

Holiday Traditions!

Our founding member, Elizabeth Welch, and her beautiful daughter, Vivian, had the wonderful wish to start a tradition of scheduling a visit on Christmas Eve, to sing holiday songs with the kids that will spend their holidays in the hospital. So this year, we were fortunate enough to spend the afternoon at Mt. Sinai’s Kravis Children’s Hospital, live-streaming a ton of holiday cheer from the KidZone TV studio. It was wonderful! We had both of their cutie-pie service pups, Amos and The Professor, in the studio with us and we sang our hearts out. The incredible kids called and texted in with requests and to chat, which we love, and we even had a request to sing Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl named Sophia who was turning five years old on Christmas Day! We loved every moment of our visit.

And just like that our new Broadway Hearts holiday tradition was created. 

Happy Holidays everyone!

Happy Holidays!

It’s just the beginning of December and already the city is aglow with holiday lights!

Our visit to the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, on Monday, was an extra special one, because it is around the holidays and these incredible kids are dealing with a lot. We had a wonderful time with them. They were a fun, present, bunch, with wonderful, big personalities. We all sang together, everything from Disney songs to Taylor Swift, we danced together, laughed a lot and our own beautiful Satomi taught everyone to play the spoons! The kids were naturals, of course. We can’t wait to see them again in the new year.

We would like to wish everyone the Happiest of Holidays, and wish everyone the most peaceful New Year. Love.

Happy Halloween!

We’re coming down off of a high from a wonderful visit at Mt. Sinai’s Kravis Children’s Hospital yesterday. We live-steam games of Broadway Bingo into the kid’s rooms at this hospital, as most are too ill to join us in the studio, but we had a very interactive visit, with kids overlapping each other, calling in. We love that, that’s why we’re there, to engage the kids and let them have some fun and distraction for a bit.

Not being able to see them, just hearing their chipper little voices, one can sometimes forget the severity of what these amazing children are going through. One boy, Nicholas, called in a few times to chat and tell us he’d won bingo, and the last time he told us that he was getting a shot that he didn’t like and that this was a good distraction. Of course we had to fight back tears though smiles and cheers of confidence for his incredible strength, You’re Amazing Nicholas!

But that sums up why we continue to reach out to as many hospitals as possible to let us come sing with their kids. We hope that Broadway Hearts will be a part of every hospital in the NYC area by the end of 2019, and who knows … maybe nationwide one day! A girl can dream.