Happy Halloween!

We’re coming down off of a high from a wonderful visit at Mt. Sinai’s Kravis Children’s Hospital yesterday. We live-steam games of Broadway Bingo into the kid’s rooms at this hospital, as most are too ill to join us in the studio, but we had a very interactive visit, with kids overlapping each other, calling in. We love that, that’s why we’re there, to engage the kids and let them have some fun and distraction for a bit.

Not being able to see them, just hearing their chipper little voices, one can sometimes forget the severity of what these amazing children are going through. One boy, Nicholas, called in a few times to chat and tell us he’d won bingo, and the last time he told us that he was getting a shot that he didn’t like and that this was a good distraction. Of course we had to fight back tears though smiles and cheers of confidence for his incredible strength, You’re Amazing Nicholas!

But that sums up why we continue to reach out to as many hospitals as possible to let us come sing with their kids. We hope that Broadway Hearts will be a part of every hospital in the NYC area by the end of 2019, and who knows … maybe nationwide one day! A girl can dream.