New York Times Mention!

Several months back, when we arrived at Mt. Sinai for our monthly visit of Broadway Bingo, there was a New York Times reporter writing a story on the incredible Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department. He interviewed us briefly and then disappeared once the show began, in order to see the affect the in house, live-stream programming had on the kids. The visit was a wonderful one, with kids calling in and lots of laughter. We never saw the reporter again.

Within our group, we've spoken about that visit several times since, for many reasons. It was one of the few times that we've had children healthy enough to be in the studio with us, while we're broadcasting, and it was the visit of Team Jack and Dynasty. At Mt. Sinai most of the kids are too ill to leave their rooms or the clinic, so they have this incredible in-house television system that broadcasts into the rooms. All the shows are interactive, with the kids being able to call and text in, to ask questions or just chat. If we have kids in the studio with us, it's a very exciting day. That visit we had three kids with us. Team Jack and Dynasty were callers who were very special to our group. Their enthusiasm and joy had us talking about them for many weeks to come. 

Yesterday, the New York Times article was published and it is wonderful. We aren't privy to a child's diagnosis when we're in these hospitals, so to now have this glimpse into the lives of these extraordinary kids, is admittedly heartbreaking, but inspires beyond belief and makes our desire to continue to be as much a part of their lives as possible, just so much stronger.

We are so honored to be a part of such incredible work.