Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe I’m already wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! How did that happen?

We have been chugging right along. We have a few wonderful new Broadway Hearts members and we’ve had some pretty wonderful visits that we won’t soon forget. Some of the children that we have spent time with, singing with and to, have left an undeniable imprint.

We have had some friends surprise us with online fundraisers! I’m just completely blown away by the pure generosity of people. The inherent good. And we are so unbelievable grateful.

We have the distinct honor of joining our wonderful friends at the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, next week, for their annual fundraising gala! We have such a collaborative, lovely friendship with the PCF, and admire them and the incredible work they do, so much, and we can’t wait to help them create a really special evening. As a special auction item, a guest will come up onstage and sing Seasons of Love with us! SO fun!

I hope everyone has a safe and FUN Halloween! And enjoy all that this beautiful Autumn has to offer.